Brief van Asharn

“Am now proudly working as medical assistant for the Ministry of Health. Am in-charge of 24 health workers, serving 21602 + people: many people come from outside the catchment area, from our neighbouring country and district, Mozambique and Mchinji respectively. The health centre offers the following services: youth friendly health services (sexual and reproductive health), HIV testing, counselling and treatment, maternal health services, treatment of common illnesses in the outpatient department, public health services, family planning and many others. As you are aware that each and every work has its challenges, I am not spared with my facility. Some of them are as follows: shortage of medical supplies, lack of transport, lack of equipment such as diagnostic kits. We have no waiting ward for pregnant women, we lack of recreation materials for youths and also public announcement systems, since we are far from district hospital. Despite this, I enjoy my work and personal development form being a health surveillance assistant to now, a medical assistant. I am always happy when I see sick people and being able to give them hope and go home with a changed mind and get cure. I praise the Lord for the wonderful job and the opportunities given to me.”