Zomba Central Hospital

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Zomba Central Hospital (ZCH) is the fourth largest tertiary referral hospital in Malawi. Apart from serving as a tertiary referral hospital in the South East Zone, it also works as a district hospital for the Zomba surrounding population. It covers a catchment area of approximately 4.3 million people.

ZCH receives approximately 500 patients on a daily basis. The physiotherapy department is one of the sections running at ZCH and receives daily approximately 30 patients with different conditions from home and referral from other departments. The Zomba physiotherapy department has always lacked adequate equipment (both electrotherapy and exercise therapy) which limited our intervention options as well as reduced the quality of service provided. With the donation of electrotherapy equipment from Stichting FO4R Mwanza Malawi our choice of intervention has improved, which has also enhanced our quality of service delivery. The equipment includes:

• Interferential Therapy (IFT)
• Therapeutic Ultrasound
• Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS)
• Traction Machine and Tilting Table
• Overhead Pulley

The equipment has made a remarkable difference in the delivery of physiotherapy services.